Hey :)
I'm Eugene.

Spazzface rockcorps
Please ignore the spazface

20, Student, doing a Degree in Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation.

Hugs & Coffee are the best things ever.

Suffer from an addiction to Ampersands, and a need to double &&& triple certain letters. I've had every colour hair the last year. I'm currently Blonde, but I really miss blue :(
Music Coffee&&Hugs are good too =]

I'm addicted to Batman, and absolutely love it. Anything Batman-related, and i'm yours

I really and honestly am the nicest person you'll ever meet & know, and because of that, i'll always be the "Dependable Friend", and Forever Alone D':

After all, "I'm Just The Man On The Balcony // Singing Nobody Will Ever Remember Me"

Leave me summat =]

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21st April 2012

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oh look. 


oh look. 

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